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Welcome to Penn Libraries Labs. Here you can learn about some of the research and development activities of the Penn Libraries IT and Digital Development department. You can also try out some of the products we're developing and testing.

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Featured Projects
The Sushi Toolkit was built to prepare the University of Pennsylvania for the upcoming transition to harvesting COUNTER data using the SUSHI protocol. Due to community interest in our work, we have decided to release it to the public. Currently the Toolkit has only been tested on Project Euclid and will remain in beta until it has been tested on other SUSHI services.
The toolkit is a Java API built around the SUSHI 1.6 / COUNTER 3.0 standard. It abstracts the complexities of making a call to a SUSHI service and parses the response. The operations are intuitive, allowing developers to build sophisticated clients and not worry about the lower level details of making SOAP calls. It is also extendible so it can adjust to changes in the SUSHI/COUNTER standard and provide a base for collaboration.
This project is building better tools for browsing and discovering library resources, using conceptual maps based on Library of Congress subject headings. The aim is to provide more effective subject-based discovery that takes maximum advantage of the investments libraries have made in subject cataloging. (more...).
PennTags is a tagging system that lets you organize and share your bookmarks. You can use the UPennToolbar to get a tagging icon that lets you post sites into the tagging system. Additionally, the system allows you to tag Franklin and VCaT records. Additional features will be added (more...).
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